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What is that?

Confidently Shopping online using Paypal 👍

Nowadays, Thai people are shopping online. From abroad Besides direct credit card payment, there is another way that can pay for products through the website as well, which is Paypal.

What is Paypal?

  • Payment methods can be linked directly to credit card, Visa debit card and bank account. (Any number of cards is fine)

  • Can be called an intermediary for payment Without us having to fill out the information Credit card directly into the store website

  • Easy to use, just one click. No need to waste time filling out credit card information.

  • It can be used on any website that has the Paypal symbol.

  • Safe to order

  • Safe for both buyers and sellers

Which method is best to use Paypal?

  • Buy stuff from foreign website

  • Buy stuff from foreign websites that do not accept Thai cards, use Paypal as a means of payment.

  • Safety and confidence in using Paypal

  • Do not disclose credit card information.

  • No need to remember the credit card number on the back of the card

  • If the product was not received from the seller Or being cheated by the shop Or not send items to be able to Dispute Case: Can notify Paypal, request a refund (but must have information Evidence sent to Paypal for Paypal so that you can check the case. It may take 3-10 days for the refund)

  • In the case of ordering with sellers who do not have a website to order, if the seller has a paypal account, can pay between each other by using email, Account, Paypal.

  • In the case of being a product seller, you can sell things, accept payments through your Paypal account, but the recipient will pay a fee. When the money is credited to the account (Check more details at

  • When paying through Paypal, we will immediately see the amount to be paid in Thai baht. Paypal will convert the cost of the product from foreign currency. In baht immediately Don't worry about the exchange rate.

  • You can transfer money safely.



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