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I want to order stuff from America. What website should I order from ?

Shippingusa2thai has a website to introduce it as a whole website.
✔️ Popular
✔️ Cheap, comfortable on the pocket
✔️ The price is discounted most often.
✔️ Genuine products (except Amazon and Ebay, brand-name products must look good. And choose a good seller rating For the reliability)

Let's try to get to know Those websites More What products are sold in. (Order from the origin of the USA, come down to our warehouse in USA to easily forward to Thailand)

1. Amazon: Amazon

Popular Website that offers products for sale online Almost all kinds of things, want to print something, search into almost anything, such as clothing, food, shoes, furniture, handicraft equipment, electrical appliances.

Recommend: all kinds of book products

This e-commerce website is very popular with students. A lot of students can see it from Amazon, there will be new books and second hand books for sale at affordable prices. You can also rent books. (Amazon will set the date to return the book, which will have the Label to return the book by returning to UPS) suitable for those who study in America very much. Since we don't have to buy books Because here the price of new books is very expensive, renting (Rent) is a good option. Save a lot 😊

⛔️ CAUTION: Brand-name products may contain counterfeits. It depends on the seller. But Emason has more stringent rules. With sellers who do not have quality

2. Ebay: eBay

Popular website for auction (auction) and buying big items in America. EBay website This is another website that sells almost everything as well, including clothes, bags, shoes, needles, thread, paper, toy boxes, second-hand items, a lot of miscellaneous things.

Different with Amazon:
• Anyone can post for sale. (Must be subscribed)
• Able to auction products.
• Choose to Pick up (arrange to pick up the product)
• Sell more than antiques.

Recommend: Auction items, collectibles, old or rare items.

⛔️ CAUTION: Brand-name products may contain counterfeits. Not quite a lot of bad sellers Be sure to look at the ratings and read good seller feedback. Focus on sellers who have continuous sales and have a lot of positive feedback (I recommend using Paypal for shopping).

3. Zappos: Zappos

Amazon affiliated web site. From before, I focused on selling shoes. There will be light-priced shoes Sold a lot, zappos now has a wide variety of products for sale such as clothes, glasses, bags, watches, shoes, but the products will be sold out very quickly as well. You have to hurry to make a decision soon, I'll wait 😁

This store is comparable to a big department store, it offers a wide variety of products at low prices such as shirts, bags, shoes, perfume, sportswear, but they will run out quickly. Likewise, the value You have to hurry.


Fashion line for both women and men. Come to this shop Worthy web size
Anyone who likes chic and low-priced fashion, must this shop.They have products such as clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, eyeglasses brand Asos.

Recommend: Chic glasses at affordable prices.

This shop sends them worldwide, including direct delivery to Thailand. (With import tax that we do not know yet) If sent to our warehouse Be sure to change the country on the website to be united stated and the currency is in USD.

6. NordstormRack

This store is a high-end line for brand names. Nordstorm Rack is a subsidiary of Nordstrom that is a high-end brand-name department store similar to neiman marcus, where the prices are very high.

Nordstorm Rack is a brand name department store that is cheaper than its parent company, perhaps a bit older. Products that have little stock but have quality products. Absolutely genuine This website has a variety of products such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, glasses, watches, luggage. Cosmetics (This is not an outlet, a product will not be sold in an outlet, so the price will be higher than the outlet)

✔️ Sale often and things are out of stock very quickly. Stock products are limited.

Examples of brand-name products sold on NordstormRack;
Kate Spade
Michale Kors
• Givenchy
Quay Australia
• Versace
• Fendi
• Roberto Cavalli
Tom Ford
• Vince Camuto
Karen Walker
• Emilio Pucci
• Giorgio Armani
Ted Baker
• Burberry
• Balenciaga
Salvatore Ferragamo
Stella McCartney
Cole Han
• There are many more…


Children's clothing line website Both girls Or boy, the price is affordable and SALE is very often discounted. Products in this website are children's clothing, shoes, glasses, accessories since childhood. Until older children

8. Watchstation

Website selling watches for both women and men. Which is discounted very often as well And it's genuine, of course, do not forget to enter the code to reduce the price before pressing to buy. To get more discounts

Examples of watch brands sold on Watchstation;
Karl Lagerfield
• Emporio Armani
Marc Jacobs
Kate Spade
Michale Kors
• Skagen
• Chaps
Some rounds also have Adidas.

⛔️ This website is limited to many duplicate orders. Until showing that it will continue to sell Then the shipping address will be banned

Order stuff from the USA web, come down to our warehouse. To send it to Thailand

9. Walmart: Walmart

Another giant supermarket website, light prices, similar to Lotus Big C, our home has a wide range of products, including grocery, various things, clothing, electrical appliances, snacks, children's toys, mother supplies, Avent baby bottles, pumps. Milk, baby thermometer And a lot of various vitamins, I can't describe them all 😅 You have to try to visit the website.


Joy (America)

Khun Jip (Thailand) Line @: @ shippingusa2thai


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