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Apply for membership and get the warehouse address to deliver the product.

Service procedures Send things back to Thailand

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1. Contact Line @: @ shippingusa2thai To request membership code And warehouse address

2. Send items to the warehouse

3. Export to Thailand: Close on Tuesday (Mega Time) takes 10-15 working days (may delay depending on the situation).

4. When the goods arrive in Thailand Domestic shipping by Ems / Kerry / Nim

5. Delivery to the front of the house Can wait to receive the item

มี 2 โกดังรองรับ 2 เมืองที่รัฐOregon

Delivery service from America to Thailand via Air with 100% tax refund.
Service charge 800 baht / Kg

* No minimum delivery * The product does not exceed 0.5Kg, the minimum price is 500 baht *

Please notify the type of product delivered every time. To check whether it can be sent or not

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Cut-offs every Tuesday (Mega Time)

Items must arrive at our LA warehouse by Tuesday.   If after that it is considered to be exported in the next round

(Flight times change frequently, please follow flight times, update via Time Line on Line @ and Facebook Page)

* We will send you a link of product pictures via Line @ after the closing date of the round 1 day *

(If the customer checks the tracking that reaches the warehouse in that round And have not yet received the product image link Please contact us immediately)

❌ Products worth more than 10,000 baht per item, it is possible that we do not accept delivery. ** If sent, we do not guarantee if the product is damaged. Because the product has the right to be opened at random From the customs department ❌

We are a repack warehouse.

Unpack every box to check for illegal things or not to export.

There are 2 types of delivery members: Repack and No-Repack.

1. Repack member: Repack

  • Ordered products online to the warehouse.

  • You can order from many stores and come down.

  • HOLD, waiting for a total of 2 flight rounds (send out immediately for the 2nd flight)

  • Our re-allergies are to consolidate (drop the postbox, bill, bill, and pay in one box) and weigh. Cost of delivery at once.

  • If you want a shoe box, specify a name I appended BOX (* Important: if not, we leave it. We work on the front of the box. Please specify complete details. If you can't forget us in the shoe box)

  • We do not offer a check-in service.

  • After receiving the product image link and finding that the purchased item is either incomplete or incorrect Customers have to contact the sales person by themselves.

  • We take only one picture of the product. Cannot take all 360 degree angles or take many photos due to a lot of stuff But rest assured that our product images are clear and crystal clear

  • Order online Come down every warehouse We have to repack every product.

2. Members do not repack products: No-Repack (N / R)

  • Products that the customer is in Mega, all lost by themselves and sent by post to the warehouse

  • The product is lost by itself, sent by post or driving to the warehouse.

  • N / R customers send out at all in the flight. HOLD, not in total.

  • Add N / R after the member's name.

  • Not re-lost but we unpack the check boxes as usual.

  • Never lose, we forward the whole box. Disturbing allergy is good.

  • In case the customer is not lost in the box Then drive the car to the warehouse We provide box service for you. And treated as a repack

We have a delivery service by air (AIR) only. No boat service There is only one warehouse in LA!

In case of product being dropped due to Sales person or shop does not include the recipient's name as a member's name. The product will be in the Unknown zone, the item will be in the Mega Warehouse. Do not send out too.
* Customers provide proof of purchase and Tracking Number to confirm ownership of the product. In order for us to check and separate the items to send out *
Customers have to check the product status from the Tracking Number sent by the shop. Did you reach the warehouse? If it says Delivered, but still doesn't have a picture to send to (When closing the flight), please notify us urgently In order to quickly check for in .. If more than 7 days from the closing of the flight We will not be able to help solve the problem (if the sales person put together the names of other customers Since we work on the front of the box), so check the Status Tracking Number and Link photos that we send on the closing day immediately.
  • We send out every week. (According to the schedule of flight closures: Update on Time Line on Line @ and Facebook Page )

  • The delivery time to Thailand is about 10-15 working days from the closing of the flight. (May be good depending on the situation Items that are quickly used or easily damaged, we do not recommend sending)

  • Most of the delays are within 1 month from the closing of the flight. (Excluding period Domestic transport: EMS / KERRY / other transport)

  • Shipping fee, pay when the product arrives in Thailand.

  • When the product arrives in Thailand -> We weigh the product + notify the shipping cost -> The customer informs the money transfer slip -> Deliver the goods to your home page.

  • Usually we will distribute the goods in Thailand in the afternoon after the notification or the next day.

  • Please pay within 5 hours from the moment we report the amount.

  • We accept payment in Thai Baht, THB and USD. (Transfer money only Credit cards are not accepted.)

If customers are not sure Whether the product can be delivered or not Please contact us via Line @.

Drop off the product itself at the warehouse

Customers who are near the warehouse or convenient to deliver the goods at the warehouse by themselves. From Tuesday - Saturday at 9 am-4pm.

Please notify us 1 day in advance.

The warehouse is in LA (please add Line To ask more)

How to calculate the shipping cost to Thailand

We charge 2 types of shipping:
Think by actual weight (Actual Wright) and think by product volume (Volume Weight).
Take more weight than in the cost of shipping
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Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 11.09.53 PM.png

Mr. Joy (America) / Khun Jip (Thailand) Line @: @ shippingusa2thai


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