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Steps to use the service, press to order

Click to order rate (1 USD)

* update: January 2021

35 baht

📍 Please pay the price 100% press the product before ordering.

📍 Weight is not included. And shipping costs in case of slow transfer Not guaranteed that the product is available. Maybe the product is out of stock.

📍 If the customer has paid for the product 100% and the product is out of stock, we will refund 100% of the product.

Send a link of the product you want to order to

So that we click to order products for you Please send a link that can be opened directly to that product, along with informing the number of colors, the site that you want to order.

We will inform customers via Line @ shippingusa2thai. To check the correctness of the product before pressing to order

The customer confirms the product details and the value of the product in the order.

The client informs the transfer balance. 100% payment for the product before placing an order

* Excluding shipping fee Pay later when sending back to Thailand *

When we click to order products successfully Will inform the information of the product that has been completed successfully, such as Order number and Tracking Number of the shop and update When the product enters the warehouse For delivery back to Thailand

* If the customer transfers the cost of the product and the product is out of stock Or no longer sold We will transfer money back 100% of the product immediately.


Mr. Joy (America) / Khun Jip (Thailand) Line @: @ shippingusa2thai


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