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Prohibited products will not be delivered

If not confident

Please ask for more.

  • All kinds of weapons

  • All types of gun-related equipment Imitation of firearms / BBGUN / toy guns (not even a nut, holster or small decoration)

  • All types of drugs, TOXIC toxins.

  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes and all kinds of equipment, tobacco, alcohol

  • Products containing hemp / CBD / all kinds

  • Money, coins, bank cards, gold, diamonds

  • Buddha images, artifacts, antiques


  • All living things, all types of animal fossils.

  • Products with all types of batteries (Notebook, mobile, battery)

  • Chemicals, fuels, explosives and flammable materials, aerosols and gaseous substances.

  • Luxury Brand (High-end)

  • Bulk or gallon liquid items such as fertilizers, reagents

  • Other dangerous / illegal / Sensitive goods and prohibited export.

If it is submitted We will leave it. Without making any notification
In case of secretly sent And ruin our way The customer must be responsible for the compensation of any damages.

In the event that the goods are illegal import-export Both Thai and Mega We ask permission to notify the officer to proceed at the officer's discretion. And would like to ban the said customer


Mr. Joy (America) / Khun Jip (Thailand) Line @: @ shippingusa2thai


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