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บริการส่งของจาก อเมริกา-ไทย

โกดังอยู่รัฐโอเรกอน Sale tax 0% 

Our service

Freight from America Go to Thailand
รับกดสั่งซื้อสินค้า website USA
Press service from the website of the United States

Minimum starting from 500 baht *

800 baht per kilogram *

No minimum shipping Think volume for large, lightweight items.

Press rate 35 baht / 1 USD

100% payment for the product before pressing the product

Not including shipping back to Thailand

1. Contact Line @: @ shippingusa2thai To request membership code And warehouse address

2. Send items to the warehouse

3. Export to Thailand: Close on Friday (Mega Time) takes 10-15 working days (may delay depending on the situation).

4. When the goods arrive in Thailand Domestic shipping by Ems / Kerry / Nim

5. Delivery to the front of the house Can wait to receive the item

Terms and Conditions of Service


Terms and Conditions of Service

1) Transportation

  • The company is an international shipping company only. We do not have contact with the sales person (except: we press the product), the customer must contact the sales person. Or the shop itself If the product is not complete Or the person who sent the goods was wrong

  • We are a warehouse, re-losing all products ONLINE by leaving the post box. Combine products in one box sent to Thailand.

  • We do not offer check, inspection, TEST products for you. Customers have to check by yourself from the link, the pictures that we send on the day off of the flight.

  • We send a link of product images on the closing day of the flight one day via LINE @ personally.

  • We allow HOLD to wait for a maximum of 2 rounds of products. (Send immediately, flight 2): Except NO-REPACK customers will not be able to HOLD. Send out that round immediately.

  • In case of products that may have natural problems such as melting, evaporation, etc. Including glass products that may cause breakage, we do not accept claims. Therefore requesting to notify the seller in a special case By packing the product tightly

  • The delivery time is according to the company's standard. Therefore, there may be a delay or earlier. Which we will try to meet the specified deadlines

  • In case of changing the delivery address in Thailand (Notify the company 1 week in advance before the product arrives in Thailand)

  • When the product arrives in Thailand We will weigh And inform the shipping cost * We reserve the right to deliver items to only customers who inform the transfer slip. Within the time limit If customers ignore Not informing the transfer slip And we keep the product for only 1 month from the date the product arrives in Thailand only * If overdue, stock fees will be charged at 200 baht per day *

2) Clicking to order products

  • In case of wanting us to order products Must pay for the product 100% before pressing the product if the product is out of stock or cannot be ordered We refund 100% in all cases (pressing the product does not include shipping to Thailand).

  • If the product does not meet the order due to the wrong seller or the misunderstanding of the customer, we will not be responsible for all cases.

  • We do not accept a deposit for all orders.

  • Uncontrollable cases, such as a plane crash, the transportation system delivered by the United States does not reach the company , Product sent If there is no st name given to receive the product And things do not reach the warehouse The company reserves the right In not being responsible for any damages incurred

3) Product warranty

  • In case the customer buys insurance 40% of the product price The company will compensate for 100% of the cost of the product in all cases. (Buy product insurance / Product claims Must have a sales slip showing the actual product value only) ** Buy insurance before export only **

  • In the event that insurance is not purchased in the event of loss or seizure from the staff, we compensate for damages. 50% of the product cost price specified before every shipment, but not more than 5,000 baht per flight (product claim Must have a sales slip showing the actual value of the product only)

  • In the event that the insurance is not purchased and there is damage caused by the company's fault 100% compensation according to the actual value 100% of the product specified before every delivery, only if the warranty is not more than 5,000 baht per flight (the Product claims Must have a sales slip showing the actual value of the product only)

  • In the event that the product cannot be delivered Causing damage to the customer Due to political events The company will try to help in the best possible way. If the product must be lost The company is responsible for one customer 5,000 baht per person or according to the agreement to compensate for the weight only.

  • Products not covered under the warranty Fragile goods / all kinds of liquid products such as products containing perfume, cosmetics, glass, glass, glass packaging Or all kinds of fragile materials

In the event that we will not be responsible for any damage

  • The recipient intentionally causes damage or loss of the merchandise. We will not be responsible for any damage incurred.

  • The damage caused by force majeure such as flood, storm, plane crash, airline delay, etc.

  • There is a damage from the package sent from the seller, causing damage to the product. We are not responsible for any damage incurred.

  • Prohibited or Illegal Products: In the event that any customer sends prohibited or illegal products. As a result, the company has problems in export or import. The customer is responsible for any fines or damages incurred.

* If customers place an order and use the service with Shippingusa2thai It will be deemed that the customer agrees and accepts the above agreement in all cases *

* If any dispute That does not meet the conditions of the company We reserve the right not to be responsible *

Prohibited products will not be delivered

  • Firearms, ammunition, explosives and artificial firearms

  • Products containing batteries of all kinds.

  • Buddha images, artifacts, antiques

  • Live animals and animal remains

  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol

  • Chemicals, fuels and flammable materials Sprays and gaseous objects

  • Other dangerous and illegal items

If not confident

You can ask for more information.


Mr. Joy (America) / Khun Jip (Thailand) Line @: @ shippingusa2thai


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